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Volume 5 of our best-selling Dance for PD® At Home series features an exhilarating new movement experience from the Mark Morris Dance Group's acclaimed, research-backed Dance for PD program.

This set of dances draws upon the styles and traditions of jazz, tap, modern and the African diaspora - as well as Mark Morris repertory - to deliver a rigorous, stimulating and energetic experience. The video is designed for those who are ready to build on skills developed in earlier volumes or through our live classes. This volume mirrors our class format - it starts with a seated warmup and progresses to standing activities - but is designed for all levels and balances accessibility and rigor.
Pat Hall, Misty Owens and David Leventhal, Dance for PD master teachers who lead classes throughout Dance for PD's flagship network in New York City and around the world, incorporate dynamic, expressive movement.
Original music by Richard X Bennett, performed by multiple instrumentalists, provides a riveting soundtrack that will make you want to enjoy the video again and again. Filmmaker David Bee's ever-sensitive, insightful direction and editing create a sense of engaging flow that delights the eye.

This video features:

  • A specially-designed class that provides seated and standing activities as part of a progressive warmup
  • Creative and stimulating dance combinations
  • Moves based on dances from the African diaspora, tap, jazz, modern dance, ballet and improvisation
  • Phrases from choreographer Mark Morris' beloved repertory, including L'Allegro and The Argument
  • Energetic and inspiring musical selections that make you want to move

Two options in one film: start learning in our "practice class" and move on to the expedited "through class" when you're ready for a more continuous pace.

Order this digital edition of the film today and let the power of dance and music help you, your friends or your loved ones discover a sense of physical confidence, grace, and expressiveness.

With your purchase, you can watch this film in multiple ways: online streaming through the Dance for PD website OR Vimeo, downloading and playing files on your computer, and watching via Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and AirPlay. We even have a great viewing option for computer novices that requires minimal set up or navigation!

Please note: this product is a digital stream and download. DVDs can be purchased here.

"I love the movements, but most of all I love the hearts that all this work comes from. Thank you so much. It is precious."
—At Home Volume 4 customer

"I feel that the skill, talent, joy and spirit of the instructors diminishes the challenges of the disease, both physically and emotionally. These classes are the highlight of my week."
—Dance for PD participant, New York City

"Dance for PD has restored my confidence and is my weekly ray of light."
—Dance for PD participant, New York City

"The exercises are easy to follow and have done wonders for my body. I think this is an extraordinary gift to all of us who have Parkinson's."
—Dance for PD participant, New York City

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