Volunteering for Dance for PD

We love our volunteers!

  • Volunteers provide crucial support that enables people to get the most out of their experiences.
  • Volunteers have diverse backgrounds, skill sets and experiences
  • Each program location coordinates its own volunteer team

How do I start volunteering?

1. Complete a free volunteer course

Our partners at People Dancing in the UK have created a free course for people interested in volunteering in Dance for PD classes.

Register for the free course

2. Download the Volunteer Handbook

The handbook has been developed by People Dancing as a resource that offers general guidance on what you may expect as a volunteer supporting community or participatory dance


3. Take the intake assessment

The assessment below is designed to be done after you've completed your volunteer course.

Take the assessment

4. Take the next step

Follow the instructions at the end of your assessment to determine your next step.

5. Connect

Connect with your local Dance for PD program to begin your volunteer service. Please note that local programs may require additional training/orientation before you begin.

6. Celebrate

Feel good about the fact that you're helping people living with Parkinson's experience the joys and benefits of dance in a safe, supportive environment. Thank you for being a volunteer!

Have you completed the free volunteer course?

If you've completed the course, complete the short volunteer intake assessment below to take the next toward being a Dance for PD volunteer!

Welcome to your Volunteer training assessment. Please be sure you have completed the free Dance for Parkinson's Volunteer Training Course through People Dancing before completing this assessment.