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Dance for PD® offers internationally-acclaimed, research-backed dance classes for people with Parkinson’s disease online, in New York City, and through a network of partners and associates in more than 300 other communities in 25 countries.  In Dance for PD® classes, participants are empowered to explore movement and music in ways that are refreshing, enjoyable, stimulating and creative. Dance for PD® provides comprehensive teacher training and certification, creates innovative instructional media, and nurtures relationships among other organizations so that classes based on our model are widely available. Evidence from more than 40 peer-reviewed scientific studies serves to underpin the effectiveness and benefits of the Dance for PD teaching approach. The program has been featured in such media channels as The New York Times, USA Today, NBC, CNN, NPR, and The Guardian and has received multiple awards for its groundbreaking work. Learn more.
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Dance for PD® is a hands-down success. It’s one of the most important programs for Parkinson’s disease in the country.
–Mary Ellen Thibodeau, RN
RI Chapter of the American Parkinson Disease Association

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We support and stand in solidarity with black, brown and indigenous communities around the world. We commit to advocating for and demanding antiracist equity and inclusion in every aspect of our programming. Learn more.

What’s New?

►Volume 5 of our best-selling Dance for PD® At Home series is now available as a downloadable digital product.
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►Just-published research points to long-term motor and non-motor benefits of Dance for PD.
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►We now offer classes in Mandarin and Spanish.
Mandarin class info | Spanish class info

►Dance for PD’s online programming featured on NY1.
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►A report from the World Health Organization features Dance for PD as a case study for effective practice and scalability.
Learn more

►The Bourrée Project invited Dance for PD participants around the world to learn and share excerpts of Mark Morris’ piece Falling Down Stairs.
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►Read about us in the Journal of the American Medical Association
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►We’re streaming. View our current class for free or join as a member to see our comprehensive archive of four years of complete classes.
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►Scientific research suggests Dance for PD classes improve mobility and quality of life in people with Parkinson’s.
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►Chelsea Clinton reports on Dance for PD® for NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Williams.
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Why Dance for Parkinson’s Disease?

Watch an excerpt from the film Why Dance for Parkinson’s Disease?, made possible by a grant from the National Parkinson Foundation. For more resources, please click here.



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