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  • Thank you for completing our Training course placement survey. According to your responses, you’re eligible to apply for our Dance Teacher training course.

What happens now?

1. Application

Submit an application. It generally takes us 2-3 weeks to review your application. You can view information about upcoming workshops below.


2. Approval

If we approve your application, we'll send you a welcome letter. If requested on your application, we'll also pre-register you for a specific workshop.

3. Prerequisite online course

In our welcome letter, we'll send you a link to register for the prerequisite online course. The course consists of 8 modules and takes 10-12 hours to complete.

4. Workshop

Join us for an online or in-person workshop as your schedule permits. After the prerequisite course and workshop, most trainees are ready to start teaching.

5. Online assessment

This online assessment addresses topics covered in the online learning program and training workshop.

6. Professional Development

Continue your learning with professional development courses and workshops, accruing credits required for certification.

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7. Apply for certification

Once you've completed a total of 50 hours of training and 50 hours of field teaching, you're eligible to apply for certification.

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The workshop was beautifully presented, a truly generous forum for learning.

- Workshop participant