Trina Frómeta

Caracas, Venezuela

Trina Frómeta is an award-winning Venezuelan choreographer whose work is lucid, visually sophisticated, and speaks with emotional clarity to a broad audience. In 1995, Trina founded Proyecto Movimiento and Taller D’ Movimiento to develop and promote her passion for contemporary dance in South America and around the world.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela to a conductor, arranger and composer father and an author mother, she draws inspiration from visual art, language, poetry, contemporary music and nature for the creation of her work. Since 1990 her artistic, cultural, and teaching activities have earned Ms. Frómeta worldwide recognition through over 50 acclaimed international choreographic presentations in countries such as Dominican Republic (2003), Cuba (2004), Germany (2006-2007), England (2006), India (2007), Russia (2008), Croatia (2009), Czech Republic (2010), Argentina (2012), Turkey (2013), Belorussia (2013), Istanbul (2014), Spain (2014, 2015), Greece, Cyprus, England, Switzerland, Portugal, Vienna, Salzburg, Budapest (2016), and several locations in the United States of America (2005 and 2017).

In 2017, Trina founded Parkinson Project started in Caracas thanks to the initiative and the economic contribution of the Subud International Cultural Association (SICA). It is a wellness program aimed at helping people living with Parkinson’s through the vehicle of dance. The first program of its kind in Venezuela, Parkinson Project is a small but important step that aims to give hope, faith and life to people living with Parkinson’s. Trina leads the project from her home base in Vancouver, BC, where she leads weekly Dance for PD-based classes.

Trina teaches in Vancouver.