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Dance for PD recognizes advanced skills, experience and training through a special certification program for qualified Dance Teachers who have trained with us, have professional experience, and who most closely follow the class structure and artistic content of the Mark Morris Dance Group/Brooklyn Parkinson Group Dance for PD® model.

Why get certified? Certified teachers, and the organizations that host class, benefit from:

1. The knowledge that the lead instructor has completed advanced training, has a comprehensive working knowledge of the field, and is recognized by her peers as offering the highest quality instruction.

2. The knowledge that the instructor is teaching in a manner consistent with the Dance for PD methodology, which has now been backed up by preliminary research studies in Germany, the UK and the United States, and to know that future research will continue to support the instructor’s approach.

3. The knowledge that the instructor is receiving the most up-to-date continuing professional development, which is required to maintain certification, and therefore that participants in the program are working with an informed, active professional who is constantly seeking to enrich her practice.

4. The ability to license and use the Dance for PD® brand and logo, a globally-recognized trademark that represents the highest quality of teaching standards and artistry.

5. Prime billing on the Dance for PD® Find a Class listings (certified programs will be listed first, with special signage and teacher profile).

Teachers are eligible to apply for certification if they meet the following criteria:

● Documented proficiency in at least one major dance style (ballet, classical Indian,
modern, jazz, tap, ballroom, Argentine Tango, flamenco, West African etc.)
● At least 5 years’ experience consistently teaching dance in a group setting
● Ability to adapt dance techniques and styles to a special population
● Ability to create original, dynamic sequences of dance movement in several styles
● Sensitivity and patience
● Proficient musicality and sense of rhythm
● Performing experience strongly recommended
● Successful completion of a Dance for PD introductory workshop
● Successful completion of at least one Dance for PD Professional Development workshop
● Successful, proven completion of at least 50 credits of Dance for PD training and 50 hours of teaching in a group Dance for PD setting (Special consideration may be given for hours accrued in one-on-one sessions when group setting is not available)
● Must be a Dance for PD Professional Member in good standing at the time of application and throughout the certification process

Once Dance for PD Certification will involve an eight-step process, and is designed to be done completely through correspondence:

1. Basic Application
2. Written references (from participants)
3. Lesson plan submission
4. Video submission
5. General knowledge assessment exam
6. Basic knowledge readings and assessment exam
7. Coursework and self-reflective study
8. Culminating live interview/presentation (defense)

It is expected that the certification process, and related coursework, will take between 8-12 months. One-time certification expenses are $1,500 per individual. An annual certified teacher membership of $75 is also required. There are additional annual brand licensing fees based on the size of the sponsoring organization’s budget. Those fees range from $125 to $750 per year, and are usually paid by an institution, not an individual.

Continuing Education
Certification remains valid for life so long as teachers remain in good standing, which requires at least 20 credits of continuing education every two-year cycle with at least 10 of those credits being done through the Dance for PD program. Credits can roll over from year to year so long as 20 hours are completed every two years. Continuing education can take these forms:

●Dance for PD Professional Development workshops
●Dance for PD phone seminars
●Approved dance workshop, intensive or non-Dance for PD teacher training
●Attendance at approved Parkinson’s conferences or symposia
●Completion of additional Dance for PD online coursework

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For more information about the certification process, please download our complete Training Guide.

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The Dance for PD certification process is currently only available by invitation only. Please click here to let us know about your interest, and we’ll send you more information when certification is more widely available.

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