Dance for PD

Award-winning Dance for PD® classes invite people with Parkinson’s and their partners to explore movement and music in ways that are enjoyable, stimulating, and creative. This research-backed global program is designed for people living with Parkinson’s but benefits anyone with mobility concerns. No dance experience is required. Seated or standing, energizing and inspiring music guides participants as they discover diverse dance styles and practical movement methods that address balance, flexibility, and confidence.

Dance for PD

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This part of the Digital Library is organized by the teaching artist’s last name. Each teaching artist’s most recent classes are posted – for the full library of archived classes, scroll right on the collection you’re interested in and click on the “Showcase” at the end of each series.

Dance for PD - Janelle Barry

Dance for PD - Sam Black

Dance for PD - Brandon Cournay

Dance for PD - Lesley Garrison

Dance for PD - Pat Hall

Dance for PD - David Leventhal

Dance for PD - Aaron Loux

Dance for PD - Sarah Marcus

Dance for PD - Tara Sherman

Dance for PD - Macy Sullivan

Dance for PD - Uta Takemura

Dance for PD - Heather Waldon

Dance for PD - Megan Williams

Dance for PD - Julie Worden