Sloka Iyengar

Assistant teaching artist

Sloka Iyengar is a neuroscientist and Indian classical (Bharatanatyam) dancer, passionate about relieving suffering through science and arts. Bharatanatyam is a 2,000-year-old classical dance form with a vocabulary of hand gestures, percussive movement, storytelling, and rhythmic patterns. As a scientist, she collaborates with organizations in India and the US in the fields of mental health, neurological disorders, aging, and palliative care. As an award-winning Bharatanatyam practitioner, she performs in and around NYC and has the privilege of working with her gurus in India. She has created productions that explore the convergence between the arts and sciences. She is also passionate about using Bharatanatyam to facilitate creative aging and is creating the foundation to use the structure and the expressive qualities of Bharatanatyam for this purpose.