Åsa Elowson

Stockholm, Sweden

Åsa Elowson is a dancer, teacher, physiotherapist and yoga teacher. She received her degree in dance from Stockholm University of the Arts. For many years she toured in Sweden with her dance company Agnes, and worked as freelance dance artist. She is now working within the field of improvisation and community dance. Since 2015, she has been teaching Dance for PD® at Balettakademien Stockholm and has created Dance Company Parkinson that has been performing on different stages in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Within Dance for Health she teaches dance for mental health, for neurological disorders, for long-term pain and for cultural integration. She is also developing a program of how to use dance as cultural integration at a nursing education in Stockholm. In 2019 she completed her master’s thesis on Dance for PD® at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden’s leading medical institute. She is also collaborating with the contemporary art museum in Stockholm (Moderna muséet), were she has been performing with the Dance Company Parkinson.