Recent Staff Publications

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Dance for PD program director David Leventhal writes extensively about the program in two newly-published collections. In Moving Ideas: Multimodality and Embodied Learning in Communities and Schools (Mira-Lisa Katz, ed.), David explores Dance for PD classes as a model learning environment, analyzing effective learning tools and approaches, and highlighting the class’ inclusive, non-hierarchical structure. For more information, or to order, click here. “This collection is about more than embodied learning and multimodality; it is a book about reimagination,” writes Mark Davis. “Nothing I’ve read since John Dewey has made me want to teach and learn as much as Moving Ideas.”
In Creating Dance: A Traveler’s Guide (Carol Press and Edward Warburton, eds.), David contributes a chapter that traces a more personal, interior narrative based on his experience integrating his professional dance career into his work with the Dance for PD program. For more information, or to order, click here. Both books offer a wealth of information and breadth of perspectives for teachers and dancers of all stripes.