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The Dance for PD Poetry Page


A December 2015 performance of the Nutcracker Seat, performed by the Dance for Parkinson’s group at Ballet Arizona, led by Debbie Braganza. Click here to watch.


A collection of performances by the Dance for Parkinson’s group in Austin, TX, led by instructor Nancy Bain as part of Power for Parkinson’s.


Claudine Naganuma and her team at Danspace have been leading Dance for PD classes in collaboration with PD Active since 2008. In May 2010, her company dNaga premiered a piece called peace about life which incorporated 12 members of her company and eight dancers from her Dance for PD class. The photo is by Giacobazzi-Yanez.

You can watch a video excerpt of Peace about Life here

Claudine Naganuma founded her company dNaga in 2001. She has served as the Managing Director of Danspace since 2002 where she teaches modern dance, ballet and composition. Her company, dNaga, is in residence at Danspace and has been producing work and performing in festival settings annually. She was selected as a Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Hong Kong/San Francisco exchange artist in 1999. She also received a Jack Loftis and Vibeke Strand Honorary Fellowship while at the Djerassi Artist in Residence Program. Her costume designs merited an Alexander Gerbode Foundation Award as well as two Isadora Duncan nominations for costumes in 1995 and 1992. She received her MFA in Choreography and Performance from Mills College and her BA in English Literature from Dominican College. She’s taught Dance for PD in Oakland since 2008.


In April, the New Jersey Parkinson Disease Association Information Referral Center at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital hosted a “Tango for Parkinson’s Disease” a free dance class at Funktion Dance Complex in South Brunswick. Eileen Pall and Kerry Kay, Tango instructors who completed a Dance for PD workshop in 2010, led the first class and continue to lead classes in Princeton. This photo essay captures the joys of that first class.


Maithily Bhupatkar and Hrishikesh Pawar launched their Dance for Parkinson’s program in the Summer of 2010. Bhupatkar spent a month in Brooklyn studying with Dance for PD founders, and completed her training in the Fall of 2010. In a 2011 interview in Femina, Bhupatkar said, “Contemporary dance is liberating and healing in a very personal way. As an exponent of Bharatnatyam since the age of 6, I am trained to look at movements beyond a choreographic sequence. Contemporary dance, even in its evolution, broke barriers. It wasn’t about looking pretty on stage, performing gimmicks, or focusing on synchronised movement so that everybody looks like a clone of the other. The form was about your individual traits and about the reaction of your body in that context. It’s threatening and liberating at the same time. Threatening, because it undresses you and makes you very vulnerable. Liberating, because there is no pressure to be somebody else.” To read more, please click here.


Marie Synder began teaching Dance for Parkinson’s classes in Princeton in 2011 after attending a Dance for PD training workshop in Philadelphia. Marie’s parents live in the Philippines, and she had the pleasure of leading a short demo session at the Asian Hospital in Manila in October of 2011. She wrote: “I taught a 20 minute demo for the local Parkinson Support Group. 80 people attended! The Neurologist (Dr. Cid Diesta) there was very impressed with the movements and combination that addresses the needs of PD people.”