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Hello! You’ve reached a page that is accessible to Professional Members only. As a Professional Member, you’ll have access to:

Dance for PD Movement archive
An online video library of Dance for PD exercises and combinations provides Teaching and Enrichment members with a valuable reference resource to reinforce the approaches they experienced in our training workshop. The archive contains more than 15 short videos led by Dance for PD founding teachers.

Music Resources and Playlists
Teaching and Enrichment Members get access to a variety of articles, sample audio tracks, and playlists created by Dance for PD musicians to foster the best musical experience for all participants.

Continuing Education materials
We provide resources and materials for Teaching and Enrichment Members to continue learning once they’ve completed a Dance for PD introductory workshop. Members have access to readings, links and videos that support, nurture and enrich their practice. Members are invited to explore our online library of classic exercises and steps, exchange ideas through a listserv, participate in phone seminars, and receive advance notification of professional development workshops. Continuing Education is essential to providing the best class experience to people with PD, and is a requirement for maintaining certification.

Phone seminars
Dance for PD Teaching and Enrichment members have access to regularly-scheduled phone seminars with experts in a variety of fields related to the program as well as consulting conference calls with program staff and teachers around the world. Seminar and conference calls will cover a range of specific topics including:

✓ Research perspectives
✓ Effective outreach
✓ Marketing
✓ Fundraising
✓ Pedagogical concerns
✓ Living with Parkinson’s

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