MMDG Classes On Tour

The Mark Morris Dance Group offers Dance for PD classes as a key component of the educational outreach activities when on tour to cities around the world. Dance for PD classes often take place in tandem with MMDG performances, and incorporate movement phrases from the repertory being performed in each city. Since 2007, MMDG has offered Dance for PD classes in Boston, Washington D.C., Seattle, Berkeley, Oakland, London, Toronto, Louisville, Ann Arbor, Champaign-Urbana, Phoenix, San Francisco, Auckland (NZ), Edinburgh, Tel Aviv, and Macau, among others. Such medical centers as Evergreen Hospital (Seattle), Jewish Hospital/Frazier Rehabilitation Institute (Louisville), Carle Hospital (Champaign-Urbana) and Beth Israel Deaconess (Boston) have hosted Dance for PD demonstration classes in their facilities.

Online registration is available for certain classes. Please click below to see the complete list of classes on the road, and to register, or call 1-800-957-1046.

All classes are presented by MMDG, in association with the listed collaborators, and are offered free of charge to participants, their caregivers, partners, spouses and friends.

Community Classes on the road are made possible, in part, by the Stanley J. Wertheimer Community Master Class Fund.

To inquire about sponsoring a Dance for PD Community Master Class in your community, please contact us.

“A highlight of the Symposium was the Mark Morris Dance Workshop. Everyone enjoyed the wonderful movement class…Symposium attendees indicated that they enjoyed the Mark Morris Dance demonstration most of all.”

–Brooke Melissa Scott, volunteer at Duke Movement Disorders Center’s 2010 Symposium “Living with Parkinson’s Disease”

“I do want to express my thanks to David and John for the wonderful master class they gave us and to our other teachers who are with us week after week. When I first heard of this group I was so touched and surprised that anyone would think of something so magnificent and drastic as trying to teach all of us slowpokes to dance. What a marvel…I had pretty much settled into my life as a wallflower. If there is anything that sidelines you, exacerbates your sense of constriction and inhibition it is Parkinson’s. If there is anything that calls for expression, demonstration, drama, movement, expression and liveliness it is dance. What mad person first thought of combining such dead opposites. I’m awash with curiosity but also with sheer gratitude that they thought of us and made this magic happen. I can’t tell you what a treasure it is, how much it means to me that someone should even suspect us of sequestering ballerinas in our hidden hearts but they do exist and how kind of you to ask us to dance. It truly means so much.”

–Luanne Wilson, Dance for Parkinson’s student, Oakland/Berkeley, CA

“I cannot thank you enough for the absolute gift that you gave to the Auckland Parkinson’s community by running the two dance classes during your visit. You have had a profound effect on me, as well as all those who participated and observed. Your passion for what you do was so obvious and infectious. The feedback has been very positive. The attached article is going in our newsletter (please feel free to comment or change this) and I have already presented some of the concepts at two of our groups and will continue to do so. Thank you again so much for what you have given to us.”


“From the happy and smiling faces and the enthusiastic reactions I have been receiving from the participants in the class this morning as well as from IPA members who saw it on the news, there is no doubt that the experience was a great success. So I would like to thank you and the other members of your group, once more, for your initiative and effort to bring some brightness into our gray, days by day struggle with the Parkinson’s disease.”

–Daniel Neumann, Chairman of the Board, Israel Parkinson Association

“I want to thank you for teaching the class and sharing your expertise with those of us with PD. I just loved the class. I always wanted to be involved in dance and now I will be able to do this. I did not have to explain to anyone why I moved differently and that was such a freeing feeling. Thank you again for developing this program!!!”

–Lori K., pilot class participant, PA