Master Class Specifications

To download master class guidelines and checklist, please click here.

Dance studios are ideal locations for the class, although any space at least 25 x 35 will work so long as the following conditions are met:

Floor is smooth and even, and covered either with wood, linoleum, marley or thin commercial carpeting

There is easy access to restrooms

The space and bathrooms are wheelchair accessible

There are enough chairs to accommodate all participants

The building should have easily accessible, reasonable parking, as well as easy access to public transportation if available.

Approximate number of participants
We always like to incorporate as many people as possible, but for safety and crowd control, the number depends on the size of the room.  Even in very large rooms, we cap each session at around 50.

Class length
Most classes are 90 minutes, with a brief discussion period to follow, although classes can be adjusted to fit to your needs.

Musical resources
All Dance for PD master classes must use live music.  We are happy to find a local musician familiar with playing for dance if you don’t already have an appropriate contact.  Although a pianist is preferable, we will work with any musician who can provide rhythmic and melodic accompaniment.  We’ve worked with an electric violinist, cellist, and multi-instrumental percussionist, among others.

Master class costs may include teacher and musician fees and any associated travel expenses for the teachers.  Dance for PD staff will work with you to determine a budget.

We have a series of flyer templates, photographs and press kits, and can work with your organization to create promotional materials for the class.

“To see such absorption and abilty emerge from the large number of participants with such diversity of experience, was truly inspirational. I’m thrilled that the class was so well received. Your generosity of spirit in sharing resources and information is very warmly received.”
–Mo Morgan, dance teacher, Dance Base, Edinburgh, Scotland