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Thank you for your interest in training with us!
Please complete the short survey below to help us determine the most appropriate and relevant training course for you. After the survey, you’ll be directed toward the appropriate course application. If you have already submitted a training application, please send an email to to pre-register for this workshop. You do not need to submit a second application.

Payment deadlines
No workshop payment is due until final registration, which will be requested approximately six weeks before the start of each workshop. You will receive notification via email when your application is approved, and then again when final payment is due. The prerequisite course has a separate registration process, which will be detailed in your training approval letter.

Fellowships and scholarships may be available on a case-by-case basis. For information on Fellowships, please click here. We prioritize scholarships for teaching artists from under-represented communities. Please contact us for more information about scholarships.

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Learn about our course options here.

Training Survey

Training course placement survey


Are you interested in teaching Dance for PD® classes?

Are you primarily interested in volunteering or working as a teaching assistant or administrator for Dance for PD® classes?

Are you a caregiver/medical professional/health worker who would like to benefit from the Dance for PD knowledge without committing to teaching/assisting?

Are you a physical movement instructor (yoga/fitness/zumba/personal trainer) who would like to benefit from the Dance for PD® knowledge without committing to teaching/assisting?

Have you completed advanced- or professional-level dance training?

Do you have experience and/or qualifications in teaching any of the following dance styles or techniques: Modern Dance, Ballet, Tap, Jazz/Theater Dance, Classical Indian, Ballroom/Tango/Social Dancing, African, Ethnic/Folk, Improvisation/Creative Movement?

How many years of dance teaching experience do you have?

Have you taught dance within the past 10 years?

Do you have any experience teaching different/special populations?

Do you have any dance performance experience?

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