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Dance for PD is committed to supporting our global community and encouraging people living with Parkinson’s to keep dancing during a time when live classes may not be available. Please click here to access our free Dance at Home resources.

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Why Dance for PD

Why Dance for Parkinson’s Disease (2009) was produced by the Brooklyn Parkinson Group in association with the Mark Morris Dance Group to demonstrate the essential elements of the Dance for PD classes and investigate why dance classes may be particularly beneficial for people with PD. This excerpt is from a longer film, which won first place in the 2010 Society for the Arts in Healthcare’s annual film festival.


You Belong Here

You Belong Here (2015) provides an overview of the social, emotional and physical benefits participants gain from the Dance for PD program.


Olie Westheimer at GEL

Gel (“Good Experience Live”) is a conference and community, founded in 2003, exploring good experience in all its forms – in art, business, society, technology, and life. In this video clip, Olie Westheimer, the visionary behind Dance for PD, explains the thinking that led her to ask the Mark Morris Dance Group to offer dance classes for people with PD.


Dr. Gilbert Hosts David Leventhal

In this episode of Dr. Gilbert Hosts, facilitated by APDA’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Rebecca Gilbert, Dance for PD founding teacher and Program Director David Leventhal speaks about the intersection of dance and PD.


Meditations on Capturing Grace

Michael J. Fox called Dave Iverson’s 2014 documentary Capturing Grace “a poignant reflection on the strength and resiliency of the human spirit.” Filmed over the course of a year, Iverson’s documentary explores the remarkable work of the Dance for PD® program and reveals the hopes, fears, and triumphs of this newly forged community as they work together to create a unique, life-changing performance. Iverson and Dance for PD® Program Director David Leventhal spoke with Aspen Arts Program director Damian Woetzel for a post-screening conversation at Washington DC’s Landmark E Street Theatre.


Robin Zander interviews David Leventhal

Best-selling author and strategist Robin Peter Zander interviews Dance for PD Program Director David Leventhal, who what he’s learned about learning from his years of teaching people with Parkinson’s around the world. By applying an unusual approach to teaching, David’s classes and the of thousands that are now taught annually – provide people with Parkinson Disease a new identity – that of dancer, instead of just patient. Zander explores why so many have found Dance for PD effective and how the ideas can be applied to other disciplines. Click here to listen to the Podcast.


L’Allegro Movement Project (2014)

L’Allegro Movement Project developed as a collaboration between Luminato Festival’s Education and Outreach Program, the Mark Morris Dance Group and the Toronto Dancing with Parkinson’s group. A select team of youth filmmakers worked with multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker Ella Cooper to investigate the transformative power of dance. In the months leading up to the Luminato Festival, dancers and teachers from Mark Morris Dance Group’s ground-breaking Dance for PD® program, collaborated with the Toronto Dancing with Parkinson’s group and local elementary school students from Nelson Mandela Park PS and Winchester PS to create L’Allegro Movement Project..


Synapse Dance

Canada’s National Ballet School, one of Dance for PD’s Canadian partners, is world-renowned for training professional dancers. Since 2013, NBS has offered program based on the Dance for PD methodology, partnering with neuroscientist Joseph DeSouza and researcher Rachel Bar to understand the benefits of the program through rigorous research. This film by Karen Suzuki uses interviews and animation to show to explain what happens in the brain of someone with Parkinson’s who dances.


Using Dance to Battle the Effects of Aging

Sujith Pakala, a high school senior in San Jose, CA, has been volunteering for the San Francisco Ballet’s Dance for Parkinson’s program, where he helps demonstrate and teach ballet and hip hop routines. Inspired by the class, he created this video, which pulls data from nearly 50 publications. Guided by Ethan Glantz, a graduate student in Behavior Neuroscience at Harvard University, the video explores the mental, physical, and social benefits dance can have for elders and why it’s one of the best exercise options to slow the progression of age-related symptoms.


Extensive additional audio and video materials are available to Dance for PD Members. To join as a member, please click here.