Dance for PD at Sunflower Revolution

Researchers, clinicians, therapists, fellow patients and Dance for PD program manager David Leventhal presented information about medical techniques, research, diet, exercise and dance to more than 500 people with PD and caregivers at the Sunflower Revolution Sept. 10 in Cincinnati, OH. The message was clear: there is lots people can to to live well with Parkinson’s, and there are committed professionals in a variety of fields who want to help.

The Gardner Center, University of Cincinnati Neuroscience Institute, and University of Cincinnati Health sponsored the annual event, with participation from the Davis Phinney Foundation, which shared a video of Phinney offering words of inspiration and declaring the room a “tremor-safe zone.”

After lunch, Leventhal taught participants several dance phrases, including a short phrase of Mark Morris company repertory, and spoke about the Dance for PD program’s development, approach and philosophy. Leventhal’s participation was a part of an effort by the Tri-State Parkinson’s Chapter (APDA) to start Dance for PD classes in Cincinnati in 2011/2012. The day before, more than 50 people with Parkinson’s and their families attended two back-to-back Dance for PD community classes with Leventhal, organized by the chapter and local community leader Elizabeth Grover at de la Arts Place.

For more information about the Sunflower Revolution, please click here.